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The edge of the world is an untouched-natural escape from a crowded city, it’s a stunning escarpment with an amazing view. If you are in Riyadh, it is worth the drive to spend the day there!


To start with, the best time to go to the edge of the world is in winter and short spring time (i.e. between the month of October and April). Because you will not be able to enjoy it in the extremely hot summer. It is also recommended to avoid rainy days as it could be challenging to drive..

We normally start moving by 9:00 am and hit the road back by 5:00 pm to be able to cross the area of the sand/rocky valley before dawn time.

The edge of the world

Before you go

Here are some of the essential things you need to have it checked before your are set to go:

You Must have:

  • A 4×4 car is a must to reach the edge. It is not possible to go with a 2 wheel drive car, you will be stuck somewhere for sur before you arrive!  The last 25 kilometers are rocky and sometimes with gravel and sand. Stay alert while driving along the acacia valley, you might get stuck on the gravel and lose your track.
  • Don’t go alone, join someone who is familiar with the rout, There is no cell phone coverage, you might easily find your self lost in the middle of the desert.
  • Check your car spare tire pressure before you leave, just in case.
  • Take enough water for everyone.

Additional cautions:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and suitable shoes to enjoy the hiking there. For ladies, Abaya is not required once you reach, as its away from the religious police sight. however, decent wear need to be maintained as the place is visited by locals as well as a variety of other nationalities.
  • Put on sunscreen cream and a hat is a plus.
  • Watch out when you are accompanied with children, as there are no signs or safety barriers.
  • Don’t try to drive up/down the cliffs if the ground is wet. In case rain storm is expected it’s recommended to postpone your trip.

Edge of the world Thoughts & notes Riyadh Saudi arabia

On the way

You can take a close look to camels, goat herders, and people putting up campfires under the acacia trees in the Acacia valley. If you are planning to spend the night there, the Acacia valley is the best place because it is full of soft sand.

Once you are there

Take a 1 hour hike beside the Edge, sit at the Edge and enjoy the wind and the view (this won’t be your favorite exercise if you were afraid of heights). You can have some barbecue with friends if you are planning to, or relax in the shadows of the acacias. And don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can!


How to go to the edge of the world?

Put in mind that it will take 2 hours to reach the edge (Starting from the diplomatic quarter) eve though the distance is about a 100 kilometers…

  • From the Diplomatic quarter, exit from King Khalid Road to the north to Salboukh highway 535 and continue for 34 km.
  • At the clover leaf, slide on the right and take the ramp to Route 5762 leading to Sudoos.
  • Continue straight passing through Jubayla and Uyaynah, two small towns.
  • On this location turn left to the desert at 24°57’18.7″N 46°13’39.4″E.
  • There is no sign there that says the edge of the world. Drive off-road and continue on Shuaib Alhasayaha road like shown on the screenshots for … km. you will pass the gate and the Acacia valley.
  • GPS coordinates for the Edge of the World end location N24 56 41.4 E45 59 32.1

You can park your car here (see the map below) and then take a walk/climb to the cliff.

I don’t advise you to drive in the dark and better be on your way back before the gate closes at 6 unless you are planning to camp in the acacia valley!

Stay safe and enjoy your trip…!


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The Edge of the World

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