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Whether you are working or you are a staying at home mom, with or without kids, I’m sure there are some times when you want just to do something special and far from the daily routine. We wrote this list of 25 fun things to do in Riyadh to remind ourselves and you about all the things you can do here. We hope to give you some inspiration! Enjoy!

1- Go bowling

Most bowling centers are family friendly and well maintained centers, try going to:
Intercontinental Hotel – Location
Universal Bowling center – Location
AlKhozama Bowling center – Location

2- Enjoy tasty restaurants

There are all sort of cuisine in Riyadh, American, Indian, Turkish, Italian, Lebanese Brazilian, Japanese…and many others.. Just go and explore!

3- Go Shopping

Just like Restaurants, Riyadh is full of local shops and international and luxurious brands!
Check the post about the best shopping malls in Riyadh here.

4- Go swimming

For men, it is quite easy to find a swimming pool. What is tricky is for women. Here are some nice places you can enjoy swimming ladies!

  • Sports Club in the Diplomatic quarter (membership required) – Location  
  • Manahil club in the Diplomatic quarter  (membership required) – Location  
  • Luthan Hotel & Spa for women only – Location
  • Riyadh Golf Club – Location
  • Dirab Golf & Country Club  – Location

Just check when are the women special days.

5- Rent an istiraha

An istiraha are a place that you can rent for the day or the week-end. It usually includes a  chalet, a pool, a tent and sometimes a small football playground!

6- Ice skating

Enjoy Ice skating in Royal mall, Othaim mall and Hayat mall.

7- A visit to the DQ

The Diplomatic quarter is where almost all the embassies are located. It has also many residential areas and many green open spaces and parks. You can enjoy your time there, have a walk or cycle around the DQ following the trail.

8- Park Picnics

Even though Riyadh is in the middle of the desert, it has many green open spaces and parks, where you can go for a picnic with the family.

9- Dirab Golf & Country Club

This Club offers many activities to enjoy :

  • Club House with Restaurant and Lounge area
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cycling and Camping Area
  • Golf Course
  • Horse Back Riding

Click here for the Location.

10- King Abdul Aziz historical center

Enjoy the open spaces with a visit to the National museum in King Abdul Aziz Historical Center. For more information, click here.

11- Snow city

Recently, the Snow city is now open in Othaim mall – Location

You can ski there and the place is divided into different areas: snow discovery, bumper on ice, kids carousel, sledge and mini snow mobile.

12- Dirah and Masmak fort

The old Riyadh is the district called Dirah, it was surrounded by the city walls. It includes the Masmak fort and some traditional market. There are also some mud-brick houses in this area – Location

13- Horseback riding

14- Enjoy a panoramic view of Riyadh

At the top of the kingdom tower, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Riyadh at the Sky Bridge – Location

15- Zoo

The zoo was first established to accommodate the animals presented as gift to the first three kings of the kingdom – Location

Please check visiting timings here.

16- Saqer Aljazirah Aviation Museum

Saqer Aljazirah Aviation Museum is a nice museum to visit and see the aeroplanes, fighter planes, helicopters collection – Location

17- Ceramic café

In this stylish place, you can choose the piece of ceramic that you want and then you’re free to paint to create your own work of art! Put in mind that they need from a week to 10 days to prepare it for you after you finish your work (let it dry and put it in the oven to fix the paint). This place offer also food and drinks. Their kind staff will make you feel most welcomed even after spending 3-4 hours asking for all kinds of painting tubes, It is located in Sahara Mall on the second floor.

18- Wadi Namar

This beautiful outdoor area is a new project rehabilitated with a lake and a dam. It consist of a corniche also that overlook to the lake with a beautiful sidewalks, sitting areas and palm trees. On week-ends, it is very crowded, people do barbecue there and meet with family and friends. – Location 

19-  Wadi Hanifah

Go explore Wadi Hanifah from the north to the south of Riyadh and forget that you are in a busy and crowded city. For more information, click here.

20- Gym

Gym chains for men such as Fitness time and Body masters, has branches all around the city. Every now and then those chains comes up with a promotion that makes the rates more affordable, hence if you aren’t in a hurry register your name and wait for the next promotion. Just check the closest gym to you and exercise.

Some gym centers are dedicated for ladies as well, such as Curves, Kinetico  and Nuyu

21- Diriyah

Explore the outdoor area in Bujairi district and the view to the old town of Dirriyah where the first settlement in the region of Najd were. – Location.

22- Paint ball

Live an unforgettable experience! unfortunately, I’m not sure that ladies are allowed to play. – Location

23- Thumamah Park

Drive your car in toward Thumamah area to rent a quad bike and enjoy riding it around the soft dunes. This activity is popular in winter, early morning or before sunset times. You can rent a quad for 50 SR for half an hour and 100 SR for an hour.

Or, rent horses if you know how to ride. Another idea is to do a picnic and enjoy the view of the dunes of the Red Sands. I heard that some people would go and camp there.

Lot of things to do, just worth to go there and try!

24- Minopolis 

If you have kids between 4 and 12, I would recommend to visit this small “town”. This town is like a real one divided by shops and hospitals and many other facilities. Children learn to earn money by working (currency is called Riyalino) and then use this money in Minopolis. What a great way to teach kids how to manage their money and to work for earning it. It is located in Hayat mall – Location

25- Karting

You can go karting At Al Reem international circuit,  located 76 km west of the city on Mecca road Exit 11 – Location


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