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Saudi Design Week is a design event where many locals and internationals talented artists show their design products. The goal is to raise the awareness of the importance of design and encourage local and regional talents.

As an Architect, it is exciting to discover so many talented artist in Saudi Arabia. This was the first time for me to attend such an event in Riyadh. It really showed me another surprising side of Saudi people and how creative young artists could be!

There was also a free exhibition where many artists exposed their work, another part was workshops with a very interesting schedule of artists who share their experience with people.

This year (2016), the exhibition took a place between 6~8 October, at Al Faisaliah Resort, North of Riyadh. As for the entrance fee for the SDW exhibition, it is 50 SAR.

The Free Exhibition 

free-art-exhibition-Saudi Design Week Thoughts Notes

doaa-bader-painting on daf saudi design week thoughts &notes SDW

I met the inspiring Doaa Bader, which is the artist of those beautiful paintings. She uses the Saudi Arabian Daf (frame drum) to do her paintings. Her work represents the culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia with different landmarks as well as Arabic calligraphy.

 saudi design week thoughts &notes SDW

Many workshops were available to learn about the experience of designers and interact with them.

panoramic photo saudi design week thoughts & Notes

Overview to the Saudi Design Week exhibition

Naila Art Gallery

naila art gallery thoughts notes saudi design week

This is an amazing marble artwork made with copper! Details are amazing! This work is a collaboration between Naila Art Gallery and Naqsh Design House.


Wall clock cities saudi design week SDW thoughts & Notes

A wall clock without number because why not?! Qlocktwo (by Biegert & Funk)! I am in love with this clock! And it is available in Arabic and English too!

 levitating light by Simon Morris / Cities Riyadh Saudi design week thoughts & Notes

The levitating light (Flyte) by Simon Morris is a levitating lightbulb powered through the air is so cool!

The highlight of our display is the delMare table by Romanian designer Eduard Locota. Handcrafted from acrylic and marble, the delMare table is designed to provide a view of the ocean floor as if one were gazing down into the depths of the sea.

The DelMare table is designed by the Romanian designer Eduard Locota. It is made with acrylic and marble that gives you the feeling that you are looking in an ocean! So beautiful!


Adidas Originals saudi design week riyadh thoughts & Notes

Saudi Artists has been provided Adidas Superstar & Stan Smiths to express themselves. So they used it as a canvas and made an innovative makeover to the shoes.


A_Guph Alaa Alghufaili Saudi Design Week riyadh thoughts & Notes

Alaa Alghufaili is an Architect and industrial design. His homemade laser cut home products and accessories are unique. They are inspired by the Islamic geometry and traditions. His concrete collection is so beautiful! I really like the support for tea/coffee that is on the middle of the picture!

Mint Designs studio

Hanin AlOufi mint designs saudi design week riyadh thoughts & Notes

These beautiful design products are made in concrete and other raw materials by Hanin Aloufi. She is a furniture/product designer and visual merchandiser. Such a nice touch with the gold color!


aura saudi design week riyadh thoughts Notes

This gaming table is a work of art done in collaboration between Aura and Dina Abdulatief of sense of space design studio. This is a unique gaming table to play the traditional games and bringing families together.

Nota Nota

nota nota saudi design week thoughts & Notes

Nota Nota is a Saudi company developed a machine that can create personal perfume mixing machine. There is different cartridges of distinct essences that the owner can create his own unique new perfume. This machine is “smart” that can be controlled using a mobile app. There is even a social network platform where users can exchange their recipes! Isn’t that great?!

Ayah Al Bitar

the sanctuary ayah al bitar thoughts notes

“The Sanctuary” is designed by Ayah Al Bitar. It creates an aesthetic and practical space for prayer with a storage structure to place all necessary items for a prayer. It is also portable.

Of course, that is only a part of the great designs that were in the Saudi Design Week. each design product was unique, amazing and creative. I wish there was more inspiring events like this one.


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