15 Amazing things to do in BAHRAIN

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Bahrain is a little country/archipelago connected to Saudi Arabia through the King Fahd Causeway since 1986. It is 450 km away from Riyadh. You can either drive there or take a flight to go to Manama. Frankly, we always prefer to go by car to move around more easier.

What makes Bahrain an amazing country is not only the well-know clubs among expatriates, but the history and tradition back to Dilmun Civilization 2000 BC. And due to the pearl fishing, Bahrain has been an important destination through the ages. The presence of Greeks, Persians, Arabs, ottomans, Portuguese, British and others played an important role too in the culture and heritage.

There are many things to see and do in Bahrain! So we would like to share with you this list to enjoy your stay there!

1- Bahrain National Museum

bahrain national museum thoughts notes Manama bahrain

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/KaXtunRKj2D2
In Bahrain National Museum, you can learn about the history of Bahrain back to 5000 years. the Museum is divided by 9 sections that takes you in a journey passing through the different sections. From Dilmun civilization, traditional crafts, customs, traditions and Bahraini lifestyle in the pre-industrial time, Burial mounds hall, and a natural history part featuring Bahrain’s fauna and flora. There are also some old Quranic manuscripts, astronomy texts and historical documents. There is also an educational hall, a gift shop, a cafeteria and an exhibition hall.

2- Bahrain Fort or Qalaat Al Bahrain

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/vbbrbb7FLdw

At the same place of the Bahrain Fort, used to be the former capital of Dilmun. The fort has been built in the 16th century and show the importance of the Bahrain’s history. It represents the culture and tradition of Bahrain.  Excavations has proven the presence of residential, commercial and military structures of the site. It is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort has a nice view on Manama. The visit is outdoor, so avoid walking at noon and protect yourself from the sun. try to go in the morning or afternoon.

The site is worth the visit. The visit can take 2 hours. There is a small museum next to the fort and a cafeteria that offers snacks and drinks.

3- Bab AL Bahrain 

 bab albahrain manama thoughts notes

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/chtWgmZgTaQ2
Bab al Bahrain is a local landmark. In Arabic, it means, the Gateway of Bahrain. It has a traditional Arabian architecture. Back in time, it use to be close to the water’s edge but not anymore due to the land reclamation later.  Nowadays, the Bahrain Financial Harbor takes place on the reclaimed land. The gate mark the entrance to the Manama Souk.

4 – Manama Souk 

The Souk is located just in front of Bab Al Bahrain. It  offers many interesting things to tourists such as local souvenirs, spices, shisha, electronics goods, nuts, and other Bahraini products! It is better to go in the morning when the shops are open. The Manama souk is in the older part of the city. Like any traditional middle eastern area, the streets are narrow, and they are partly covered.

5 – Gold City

gold souk city manaman thoughts notes bahrain
Location : https://goo.gl/maps/9RhQ43RCNwD2

The gold city is a shopping complex for gold jewelry. There are also many shops that sell pearl jewelry since Bahrain is well know for its history in pearl fishing. The souk is located near the Bab Al Bahrain. You’ll find a big variety of jewelry options suitable for every taste and budget! Even if you don’t want to buy, it is still worth the visit!

6- Bahrain National Theater


Location : https://goo.gl/maps/Rd9aiSe2NiQ2
The Bahrain National Theater is the third largest theater in the middle east. It is a building with an Arabian Nights theme located next to an artificial lake to provide a nice promenade for visitors. It hosts international and local performances of classical music, opera and ballet and others such as Yanni, opera star Placido Domingo, Mariinsky Ballets and the Bolshoi ballets and Il Divo.

7- Dilmun Burial Mounds

Location :

Aerial View for the Burial Mounds

The Burial Mounds are necropolis areas (Large areas of tombs) dating to the Dilmun civilization and later civilizations. They are located on the north and on the south of Bahrain. There are approximately 350 000 grave mounds made over thousands of years.

8 – Arad fort 


Location : https://goo.gl/maps/Cz8veio69YH2

The Arad fort is a 15 century fort in Arad, a formerly separate island in Bahrain. Nowadays, this island is joined to Muharraq Island. It has an Islamic style and served as a defensive fort in Bahrain. A trench to be filled with water surround this square fort.

9 – Alfateh Mosque and Islamic center

Location :
A very peaceful place to visit, any religion believer is welcome to visit anytime but Friday (because of Friday prayers) just remove your shoes and put on an Abaya or at least cover your hair. You can ask also about a tour. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bahrain, it is so serene and simple.

10 – Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/xXh4gRMVpy52

It is a natural reserve and zoo where all plants and animals are being protected. You can visit and take a bus tour to know about the animals, the decline of many native species and the measures taken to ensure their survival.

They are open everyday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Ticket is 1 BD (10 SAR). There is a bus tour every hour from 9:00 am that goes around the park to see the animals wandering freely in their environment. You can see water birds, wild birds, wild animals and learn about the desert flora.There is also a presentation every hour from 8:30.

11 – Bahrain International Karting Circuit

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/fY82zYQeyuz

Have an unforgettable experience with your friends karting in the Bahrain International Karting Circuit!

Helmets, clothes, gloves and go pro stand are provided and a short course is given before the race. The track will make you feel like a professional driver. The track is wide and safe, so no worries about crashing if you have no experience. There are 3 different tracks that you choose too, small or half or full track selection.

12 – The Oil Museum 

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/a14CEAFRXev

The Oil Museum was built for the 60th Anniversary of the discovery of oil, it is located near the first oil well found in 1932. In this place, you will be able to see photographs and information to learn about the oil industry in Bahrain. Please check the timing before you go because it differs throughout the year.

13 –  Walk in Adliyah district 

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/AEChQQcT2jB2

This district is considered the “Bohemian” neighborhood of Manama. Many bars and chic restaurants are located there and it is very lively at night. The neighborhood is home to a collection of art galleries and cafes too.

14 – Go see the Tree of Life

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/GrNxHdUro822

The Tree of Life is a 400 years old tree located south of Manama in the middle of the desert. The tree is approximately 10 m high, it is a Prosopis cineraria tree.  It has been adapted to the arid climate. It is an important tourist attraction.

15 –  Spend a day in the water 

  • Lost Paradise of Dilmun

You can spend an amazing adventure with your family or friends on the outdoor Lost Paradise of Dilmun (LPOD) waterpark. There are lots of slides and activities which makes it good and exciting.

Of course during weekdays, it is less crowded. Think about bringing footwear if you are going to LPOD and towels/shampoo.

Location of Lost Paradise of Dilmun : https://goo.gl/maps/U3rU8Z4e3yr

Timing : Sunday to Wednesday : 10 am-7 pm / Thursday : 10am – 5pm / Ladies night thursday : 6pm-12am / Friday : 10am-8pm / Saturday : 9am – 12 noon Entry for families only / noon – 8 pm – Open for all

Ticket price : 14.5 BD above 1.2m – 8 BD below 1.2m

  • Wahooo Waterpark

Some people prefer to be indoor when the weather is too hot, so you can go to Wahooo! waterpark at the City Center. It is smaller than the LOPD.

Location of Wahooo! : https://goo.gl/maps/x1JmZv2pW8o

Timing : Sundays (Open from June to September) 11 am – 8 pm / Saturday To Tuesday :11 am – 8 pm / Wednesday : 11 am –  4.30 pm /  Ladies night Wednesday : 5 pm – 10 pm / Thursday & Friday : 11 am – 9 pm

Ticket price : 12 BD above 1.2m – 8 BD below 1.2m  – 4 BD for under 3 years old, special needs
They sell towels too for 3 BD and lockers for 2 BD
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bahrain_artboard-blogging-riyadh-saudi arabia - thoughts & notes

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  1. Interesting! I’ve never been to Bahrain, thanks for this tips and insights! 🙂

    1. You are welcome! Hope you’ll get the chance to visit those places in Bahrain! It’s a beautiful country ^_^

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