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You may not know it, but there are a number of Galleries where you can explore the art of local and international artists in Riyadh. Please take a look at this list and just go and discover!

naila art gallery riyadhNaila art gallery

Adress: Al Takhassosi Street, Bldg 247, #2, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Website: http://www.gallerynaila.com/

Opening hours: Saturday – Thursday: 10 am – 9 pm ; Friday : closed

Naila art Gallery host international exhibitions such as  “25 years of Arab Creativity” from Paris’ Institute du Monde Arabe, and “Out of Arabia: Landscape throughout the Arabian Peninsula” in collaboration with the British Council. It represents many local and international contemporary artists.  The gallery set up also education program, workshops and seminars for artists and public.

l'art pur galleryL’Art Pur Gallery

Address: 352 Al Takhassusi Street, Al Ulayah Al Gharbiyah

Website: http://www.lartpurgallery.com/

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 7 pm – 9 pm

L’Art Pur Gallery is a very large exhibition space representing contemporary art of Saudi and international artists in collaboration with embassies and art institutions. It holds art workshops and seminars too.

This gallery was founded by Princess Adwa Yazid bin Abdallah Al Saud to encourage young Saudi artists to develop their creativity and support the famous Saudi artists.

alaan artspace riyadhAlāan Artspace

Address: 280 Ourouba road
Website: http://alaanart.com/
Opening hours: Mon-Thu:10am – 11pm ; Fri:1pm – 11pm ; Sat-Sun:10am – 11pm

 In Alāan artspace, you can find a contemporary gallery, library, restaurant and shop. It hosts exhibition of local and international artists. This artspace offers many workshops, public program of talks, panel discussions and short courses.

Lam art galleryLam art gallery

Address: Home Offices, Shop No. 5, Corner of Al Orouba and Amir Turki (Awwal) Road

Website: http://www.lamartgallery.com/

Opening hours: Sat-Thu: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm & 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm  Friday: Closed

Lam Art Gallery is an art space for paintings, photographs, sculptures and design item to promote the Saudi Arabian culture by supporting local artists.

maison Bo-MMaison Bo-M gallery

Address: Jabir Ibn Abdullah St, Al Mutamarat
Website: http://www.maisonbo-m.com/

Maison Bo-M is inspired by the “Bohemian” style of the 19th century in Paris, artist where living in a free lifestyle following their passion. We can see the inspiration in the decoration of this place looking like a Parisian apartment.

This 3 floors spacious is a place that offers many items like books, magazines, gift items, gadgets, and art pieces. Maison Bo-M offers also perfumes, fashion accessories and design items. It has also an area for exhibition of local artists.

lahd riyadh Lahd Gallery

Address: Jabir Ibn Abdullah St, Al Mutamarat

Website: http://www.lahdgallery.com

Lahd gallery was created to focus on women artists from the gulf, it represents also the Middle east, north Africa and south of Asia (MENASA). International and local exhibitions as well as an e-gallery. Another branch exist in London, UK to offer work with international artists.

designers hub riyadhDesigners hub

Adress: 8736 Uthman Ibn Affan Road, Al Wahah
Website: designers-hub.com

The Designers hub serve as a store and a studio promoting art and design promoting Arab artists. you can find many books there and art supplies and an area for the kids. It hosts exhibitions and workshops too.

areej art cafeAreej Art Café

Address: Centria mall, Olaya St

Website:  http://www.areejcreations.com/

Areej is a design store selling a collection of Saudi clothes designed with an elegant style. There is also a café/restaurant where you can enjoy either juices, light salads and burgers to enjoy with paintings hanged on the wall.  The art café is a place that offers art and crafts classes.

Hewar Art Gallery riyadhHewar Art Gallery

Address: 52nd floor, Kingdom Tower

Website: http://www.hewarartgallery.com/

Hewar Art gallery organizes  workshops, exhibitions and lectures. There is a café too. There are also catalogs from past exhibitions that you can buy. The gallery hosts special and high quality of paintings, sculptures, and photography works.

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art galleries- Riyadh Thoughts & Notes
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