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Among millions of apps available for smartphones, some in our opinion have become “must have” due to their benefits in providing services to you in simple steps and within few touches. Those apps save our time and efforts to get bills paid or avoid a queue in the ministries for a visa request here in Saudi Arabia. 

We selected the following list of 10 apps to use in Saudi Arabia, you may be familiar with some of them, but those are definitely apps that can make your everyday life easier!

1- Absher

absher-app essential apps in Saudi Arabia thoughts & notes blog

Absher is the official application for the Ministry of Interior (MOI). This app is available in Arabic and English languages and it offer you full information related to your residency status, as well as many services provided by the MOI, such as :

  • National ID / Iqama information
  • Exit/re-entry status and renewal service
  • Traffic violations
  • Vehicle information
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Hajj services

Install the app for IOS or Android.

2 – MOFA 

mofa-app -app essential apps in Saudi Arabia thoughts & notes blog

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) app is helpful to get access to the services such as family visit visa request, pilgrimage visa request, work visa, exit and entry visa, and other services). There are also travel tips and guidelines.

Install the app for IOS or Android

3 – Alkahraba

alkahraba-app - essential app in saudi arabia thoughts & Notes Blog

The Saudi Electricity Company app help Saudi inhabitants access the following services : View the bill details, send a bill copy to your email, View consumption segments, view account history, subscribe to SMS and e-Bill services, and many other general information.

Install the app for IOS or Android

4 – Najm 

Najm - Thoughts notes riyadh saudi arabia

We always wish you safe journey, however it’s worthy to mention that in case of an accident, Najm app is the right app to use.

Najm is an insurance company who has provided this app to report, address and resolve accident related procedures simply. With the app, you can report an accident, take many photos of the accident scene directly from the app then move the vehicles to a safe spot and then wait for Najm investigators to arrive. And don’t leave the accident site before their arrival otherwise, it will cause extra fines.

You can check also your insurance policy validation status and your accident report. You can have access to any previous accident photos or reports too (of course the report has to be done through this app).

If there is any injuries due to an accident, please call the ambulance and traffic police. The app in both Arabic and English languages.

Install the app for IOS or Android

5- Prayer times app

app elasalaty thoughts notes blog essential app

Shops, restaurants, petrol stations, and all other services (except hospitals and in-patient pharmacies) stop operating during the prayer time, you will only be able to enter those places or be served after 30 min from “Salah” (Prayer).  So it is very important to have an app to show you the exact prayer times in Riyadh or any other city in Saudi Arabia to be able to schedule your day activities according to the prayer times. If you are in a restaurant, you could stay but you won’t be allowed to go out most of the time.

I can recommend the app that I use Ela-Salaty for Iphone users. You can install the app by clicking here.

6 – Drivers Service

Especially for women living in Saudi, it is essential to have at least one application to order a taxi/private car drivers, this will make moving around Riyadh easier and safer at the same time. There are many application for this purpose like Easy Taxi and Mondo for taxis, Uber and Careem for private cars. Nowadays you can even schedule your future rides.

Click here to read the post about Transportation for women.

7 – Ordering food online

With the following apps, you can get access to many restaurants, and order your food online with your smartphone by browsing menus, then get it delivered right to the location you set. You also have the choice of paying by credit card, or cash on delivery.

  • Hunger station

Install the app for IOS or Android

  • Talabat.com

Install the app for IOS or Android

  • Hellofood

Install the app for IOS or Android

8 – Google maps

We rely on Google maps all the time for GPS navigation, especially with the metro project, we can get lost so easily with the new detours. It helps us also know about traffic, and it choose the faster route to reach your destination, which is very useful especially during rush hour. It also provides a very precise estimated time for every route. If there is an accident or traffic, it will let you know. You can also find places with reviews and ratings as well as pictures.

Install it on IOS or Android device.

9 – STC / Mobily apps

mobily-app saudi arabia riyadh thoughts & Notes blog
stc-app saudi arabia riyadh thoughts & Notes blog

My STC and Mobily apps can help you pay your bills, access them, tracking data consumption, call and SMS usage, subscribe packages, recharge and other services.

STC : Install it on IOS or Android device.

Mobily : Install it on IOS or Android device.

Zain : Install it on IOS or Android device.

10 – Banking apps

You can install the app corresponding to your Bank to manage your account anytime and anywhere. You can also:

  • Inquire a credit card, pay your credit card bills
  • Pay various services bills (Mobile, Internet, Electricity, Water…etc)
  • Make transfers to other locale and overseas accounts
  • Pay traffic violations, and all governmental fees (really all)
  • Search for the nearest ATM location

In addition to many other services that are different from one bank to another.


Do you already have all the apps we like? If your favorite app in Saudi Arabia isn’t on the list, please let us know in the comments box below!


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