Moving to RIYADH -Part III

Moving to Riyadh-part III - KSA - Thoughts & Notes - blog

This post is the third part out of four parts that combine information about moving to Riyadh. The first part is about how to get your visa, the second part is about accommodation and the fourth is about healthcare, education, dinning and shopping. In this post, We would like to give you few tips about transportation in Riyadh.


Public Transport system

Public transportation in Riyadh is not so good. Nowadays, a Metro and Bus Transportation System is now under construction until 2018.

The Current available bus system (if we can call so) is very old, there are no timing or schedules, and with very limited routes. Hence, taking a cab would be the alternative. Taxis are very cheap, they can take you anywhere, and most important of all, they are everywhere!

Renting a car

Many international company are available at the airport (or in many other locations in Riyadh too) like Avis and Budget at a little higher rates than the local renting companies but with better insurance and drop-off policies. For example, at Budget you rent a car from one place, and drop it at any of their offices at no additional cost.

A car can be rented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The rate of a small car staring from 120 SAR/Day (32 USD/Day). And don’t forget to  check the insurance policy in case of an accident before leaving the renting company desk.

 Buy a new car

Now if you are planning for a longer stay in Riyadh, purchasing a car is easy. As a general rule Toyota is by far the #1 most selling brand in the Kingdom, due to their high resell value, available services, and cheap maintenance and spare pats cost.

If you are interested in desert exploring trips, consider buying a 4X4.

Once you choose, few documents are needed like an authorization from your sponsor (Company) to buy the car, the company can take care of this. Just ask for it and people are going to help you. They will need your Ikama (Residency permit), driving license, a proof of insurance for the traffic police (Moroor) to get their approval then the car could be yours. You will also receive a driving permit card showing the name of the owner, car license and registration details.

5 years bank financing options are very common, even though the aggregate profit rate could be 20% average.

Anyways, you can check the offers and sale during Ramadan every year!

Buy a used car

To look for a used car, check for Motory, and Haraj websites, as they offer a variety of brands and models, easy search and filtering tools, and you can view also the average price of those cars through the followers comments.

Don’t forget that even if a car may look good and new. It is important that it is well maintained, and better if it is maintained in its agency. So check the records, and don’t hesitate to haggle over the price. Check also the internet to have an approximate idea about prices of used cars. It may differ also from brand to another. Some cars go better with the harsh climate of Saudi Arabia like Toyota. It is the best here. You can always resell your used Toyota car in a better price than other. Other cars could be newer and bigger but their price will be lower when reselling them.

Check every detail of the car and the interior, you might be surprised with something!

While buying a new car, you get to avoid having surprises because even if you buy a nice looking used car, you would never know where was it maintained and how much it survived under the harsh weather of Saudi Arabia.

Tip: it’s common that before finalizing the sell/buy process, the buyer is allowed to inspect the car, at any inspection center he choose, for any accidents, mechanical, or electrical problems. This additional inspection may cost 300-500 SAR, but it could save you a much bigger hustle.


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Moving to Riyadh-part III - KSA - Thoughts & Notes - blog

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