Moving to RIYADH – Part IV

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This post is the fourth part of the guide about moving to Riyadh. The first part is about how to get your visa, the second part is about accommodation and the third is about transportation. In this post, We would like to give you general information about Riyadh.


In general, healthcare in the kingdom is good. There are public and private hospitals in Riyadh. Public hospitals are only for Saudis, and you can access them only if your insurance company works with the hospital. Some of them are very good like the King Fahd Medical City and the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre.

There are also many good private hospitals like Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (3 branches in Riyadh) and Specialized Medical Center Hospital.

Most of the times, expat doctors work in the hospitals or there are Saudi doctors who have done their studies in the US or in Europe. They all speak fluent English.

These hospitals are expensive, so better have a health insurance that is paid usually by the company for your family.


In Riyadh, There are a lot of International schools for all the foreigners. To go into public schools, you need to speak fluently Arabic.

As for private schools, there is the American school, British school, French school. Fees for those schools could be very high. Then comes the other international schools which are private.

School begins in September and ends in June. Week-ends are Friday and Saturday. The hours are usually from 7 – 15.

Usually, universities are only for Saudis, there are some that has good ranking comparing to other universities in the world like King Saud University. They are segregated. Princess Nora university is the first public women university. It is famous for it’s nice design.


There are many local and international restaurants in Riyadh: Italian, French, Mexican, American, Lebanese, Syrians, etc…


Restaurants are always divided by “Singles” sections (men only) and “family” sections (for couples and women).
Go explore the famous Tahlia street with local and international chains! Here, they call it the “Champs-Elysées” of Riyadh! Haha!

To cook at home, you will find mostly all the ingredients you need in hypermarkets like Carrefour, Lulu, Tamimi, Danube and HyperPanda. For local and organic farm product, you can refer to our article about northern produce market.



There are many shopping malls in Riyadh with local and international brands. Please refer to our post on the Best shopping malls in Riyadh.


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Moving to RIYADH -Part IV
Moving to RIYADH -Part IV

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