King Abdul Aziz historical center


King Abdul Aziz Historical center is one of the most popular places and a landmark in Riyadh. It is a complex of buildings with many spacious parks where people come to spend their time and attend events organized in the holidays and week-ends.

It is located at the heart of the city in the Murabba district in Riyadh.

A Brief History 

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King-Abdul Aziz Historical Center area before the project

In 1936, King Abdul Aziz built the Murabba Palace (Square Palace in Arabic), one of the main buildings in the center. After 1953, it was abandoned and forgotten.

In 1997, a project was made for the centenary celebration of the foundation of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and King Abdul Aziz Historical center was established as a complex that reflects the heritage and the cultural background of Riyadh. So, the palace was restored and the complex was created as an open space for Riyadh inhabitants.

What to do there?

King-Abdul Aziz Historical Center area after the project

The National museum is a modern building with many galleries organized chronologically from the creation of the universe to the present prehistoric times, ancient civilizations and Islamic era followed by the Saudi States. There are also a gallery about Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) and the Two Holy Mosques, Mecca and Medina’s Mosques.
National Museum
National Museum –

The Murabba Palace is King Abdul Aziz residence with the services and his office. It is now a museum.

Murraba palace Riyadh Saudi King Abdul Aziz Historical Center
Murraba palace Riyadh Saudi King Abdul Aziz Historical Center

King Abdul Aziz Foundation for Research and Archives (named Darah) includes offices, a library, a female research section, a section for the Darah Magazine and King Abdul Aziz Memorial Hall (place that commemorates King Abdul Aziz ideologies).

Mosque Riyadh Saudi King Abdul Aziz Historical Center
King Abdul Aziz Mosque
King Abdulaziz Library & Auditorium - Omrania
King Abdulaziz Library & Auditorium – Omrania

There is also on the South the Red Palace (named because of its colour). King Saud bin Abdul Aziz lived in it for 5 years then he gave it to the newly formed Council of Ministers and to former Crown Prince Faisal. The palace will be a modern museum building. It is under construction and not open for public yet.

In addition, there will be a new building for Princess Sarah Al-Sudairy for women’s research. It is under construction now.


Many parks and squares surrounds the buildings, they give such a welcoming feeling with all the greenery and the water fountains!


Another place is Midan square where there are celebrations during holidays with Traditional Sword dances, traditional songs and poems. 

Midan Square King Abdul Aziz Historical Center
Midan Square King Abdul Aziz Historical Center

There is even a skating circuit with colorful structures!

Dara square King Aziz Historical Center-Thoughts-Notes-Riyadh
Dara square

Parks are fenced, they open from 4.00 pm to 11.00 pm. The main Park in the middle of the center is open all day.

Week-ends are so crowded in King Abdul Aziz Historical Center. Enjoy your picnic while watching kids play around. There are also many games with water and fountains, and large lawn area are so fun for kids to play.

This sure makes such a beautiful green area in the center of the city!


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