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5 Years now… 

The conflict in Syria is now from more than 5 years. Many agencies and NGO are struggling to help the Syrians. The number of refugees are getting so much high, millions of refugees are in Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. The number of refugee and displaced/besieged/hard to reach people in Syria is huge too: 6.5 million.

6.5 million…

Cities are getting bombed; leaving destroyed buildings and sometimes leaving nothing! People are leaving the country, they are escaping DEATH to struggle in camps and open spaces.

But unfortunately, those who are stuck in Syria, refusing to leave their homes, are suffering. They are suffering from lack of food, electricity, water.

Any help? 

Many organizations are aiming to raise money to assist Syrians and help them purchasing and distributing blankets and food in the besieged Syrian towns.

This is why the Syrian people needs help…

Please donate through UNHCR’s Syria crisis page or UN humanitarian office’s page.

Since the beginning of this year, and benefiting from the cessation of hostilities that began in February, the UN inter-agency efforts have led to over 50 convoys that brought life saving humanitarian supplies to almost 800,000 Syrians in need”

The donation includes also “- cash for medicine and food, stoves and fuel for heating, insulation for tents, thermal blankets and winter clothing.”

You can make a monthly donation or a one donation with the amount you need.

Another way of donation is the Molham team (“Inspiration” in Arabic), that helps Syrians in every way possible. Here’s the link on the Facebook page to know more about them. With them, you can sponsor a Syrian family, an orphan, or a student.

Karam foundation is also a non-profit organization helps Syrians inside Syria by providing them emergency aid under fire and in dangerous situations. This organization helps Syrians families in need in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. They help children attend school. You can sponsor a child or a family.

By sponsoring little Syrians, you are helping them build their future!

After all, those are two organizations we trust. If you are a Syrian and know about any trustworthy organization. Please let us know to share it.

We all need to help… thank you!

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