How can we Help People in Syria?

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It’s crazy that in the 21th century, this war is continuing with no sign of end. With all the picture that shows victims in Syria on the social media and all the horrible stories heard from the Syrian people.

Everyday children are being bombed. Civilians are getting killed including women and children. Those people are normal people like you and me, that happened to be in such an unfortunate place called Syria. No one knew that would happen… No one knew that this war would take that long. 

No body is trying to stop this massacre… but maybe with some help by donating money to the Syrian people, you can help a family find shelter, protect from the cold of this winter or even help some children go to school and hopefully to prepare for a better future… Let’s hope so… and start by donating… 

Here is a list of charities that helps people in Syria:

The British red cross 

The British Red Cross provide food, water, medicine and displaced people to find shelter. 

The White Helmets

The White Helmets are volunteers civil-defense, they rescue people from the rubble of destroyed buildings. The donation helps for medical care and the families of volunteers killed . 

Médecins Sans frontiers/Doctors Without Borders 

Since many hospital were destroyed, there are few doctors in Syria left. But they are supporting few hospitals besieged left in Syria.  

Preemptive Love Coalition

Preemptive Love Coalition provide the basic needs of displaced people: medical care, shelter, food, water, education and job training and opportunities. 

The Syria Relief 

The Syria Relief provide medical aid, food, shelter, water, sanitation and education in Syria

The Syrian American Medical Society

The SAMS supports medical treatment in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. 

The Islamic Relief 

The Islamic Relief provide mainly emergency relief and development projects. They provide food, clothes and medical support too. They help also to generate future income. 

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee helps in emergency healthcare and provides displaced people with clothes and emergency supplies. They help also with education, counselling as well as helping people with job training and support. 

Syria donation war thoughts & Notes blog


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  1. You can help us by providing more remote jobs for Syrian youth… IT industry is one of very few which can provide financial security here, because of outsourcing.
    I’m trying to find support to start initiative to teach students especially fresh graduate how to code and learn trending IT skills which can help them secure their family financially, I need help getting support to afford getting equipped classrooms for this, It will be encouraging for others too to join me.

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